Safety is number one priority. We comply with health authorities requirements in each and every city we operate.


We take care of our staff and they take care of our vehicles. We have a Ground Operations Team constantly monitoring the maintenance of our vehicles and keeping them clean and safe!

Here’s what happens every day on the ground:

Constant cleaning of our e-vehicles in sensitive parts such as handles and brakes

Increased inspection and maintenance to keep our vehicles safe to use

What can YOU do?

Protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our community by sanitizing your hands before and after riding our electric vehicles.

Pre – Ride Checklist

Before starting the ride, ensure the vehicle is in a good condition. In case you notice any damage, refrain from using it and report it in the Falcon app. Here’s what you need to do before riding:

Brakes – Check brakes to feel resistance

Wheels- Tires should be sturdy with no visible sign of damage

Light- The front light should be bright and the rear light should be working

Frame – Check there is no visible sign of damage or loose parts

During the Ride

Key steps to ensure your safety:

One person per vehicle. It is not allowed for more than one person to ride per e-scooter or e-bike.  

Be aware of surroundings. Always be aware of your surroundings, pedestrians, and other road users.

Find a suitable parking spot. Our vehicles should be parked in away that they don’t block the traffic or public pathways. Be mindful of the people in our communities.

Follow the Rules

For a smooth ride, follow these rules:

No riding zone. Before starting your ride, plan your trip to avoid No Riding Zones. When you approach a No Riding Zone, the speed of your vehicle will decrease until it completely stops.

Wear a helmet. We advise to always wear a helmet when riding with Falcon e-scooter and to follow local rules and regulations.

18+ only.  This is for the safety of those under 18.

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